5 seconds without stress

Datum: 2015-03-12

fragranceoflivingIs it possible to have even 5 seconds without stress?

How many meetings do you have in the morning? Are you letting your stress over getting the kids to school on time, or you to the morning meeting at work, run you?

Do you choose those extra 5 seconds without stress that can make infinites of difference?

A hug with your kid, when leaving him or her by their school, a kiss with your loved one when you go to work, the meeting with the pastry shop owner when you´re buying cinnamon rolls for the morning conference?

If we were more attentive and aware to the contribution that those 5 seconds are to the rest of the day, would we choose it more?

5 seconds per day, 35 secs a week, just 30 minutes in a whole year!

But lifetimes of difference. For you. For the people you meet and interact with.

And if you choose to be fully present and caring for you for just 5 secs right now – take a deep breath – what difference could that make for the rest of the day?

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