Is your point of view sinking you?

Datum: 2015-03-07

How did you wake up this morning? Did you have a point of view about it?


Me: I feel like everything is just floating!
Him: Isn´t that better than as if everything is sinking?
Both: Lol!

After an intense week where I actually achieved what I set out to be and do, I woke up with a new space that was empty of the familiar and full of new ideas whisking around without any particular direction. I noticed how the secret control freak in me was about to disguise herself by putting on the ”victim sweater” …

All it took was this one sweet nudge to change my perspective. The last 5 years I have changed some areas of my life that, from my interesting point of view, have been more of a sunken Titanic. And here I am now, on the surface, floating, even sailing.


What if when everything is floating we have all possibilities available to us and it´s just our own point of view that creates the direction we choose?


Do you require a sweet nudge or a butt-kick today too? Who or what can be that contribution to you? Keep your eyes and ears open! Might it even be you?


Skärmavbild 2015-03-07 kl. 14.18.20





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