Your vision beyond the obstacles

Datum: 2015-03-09

’I can´t see the forest because of all the trees!’
– have you lost touch with your vision beyond the obstacles?

What if you let your vision beyond the obstacles go beyond even the forest itself? How big of a vision do you really require in order not to get caught up in the obstacles, bush and thicket along the way?

When we get caught up in the obstacles along the way, the most common conclusion I find is that we have lost sight of the vision, the target. Or that the vision is too ”out there”, too large for us to connect to on an emotional level. That might be true.

But let me introduce you to a different possibility for a minute. What if it could be something totally different as well? You see, in my experience what we often do, is we don´t allow ourselves to actually own as grand of a vision as we truly have – a vision that would make us come fully alive. Be it us personally or a company including its owners and co-workers.


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What if what we really need in order to see the big picture and know what is required, is to let a vision be larger, impact more people and have an even longer time span? To expand it until it matches what we are truly capable of and until it starts creating synergy with the future possibilities that are out there? The funny thing is that when the vision is large enough for the real you, it suddenly becomes easier to have that overview.


What if everything that is smaller than you makes you confused,
and everything that is as creative, alive and infinite as you
makes you more alive, energized and suddenly fully present?

If you often feel tired, confused and frustrated that things are moving slowly, what you could check is if that vision of yours is expansive enough. And if it isn´t, what requires change?

  1. Do you have a vision of what you truly would like to create? Or are you just hanging in there, surviving and trying to (micro)manage everything on daily circumstances?
  2. If you do have a vision, are you truly owning it? Are you aware of it in your choices? Or is it a vision in disguise? What is required for you to be fully present with it, no matter what would be projected at you, even by yourself?
  3. Is your vision expansive enough to energize you? Or is it small enough to fit into the box of what you´ve learnt is OK? Acceptable? Convenient? Comfortable? Manageable? Are you having fun with that? And is now the time to change it?


OK, my target and vision has been too small. Now how do I know if it´s expansive enough?

It can be quite simple to find out actually. Are you willing to challenge you to see how grand it might really be – without any secret judgement about it? And are you willing to start moving towards it without having the how mapped out in detail?

  1. If there were no obstacles what-so-ever what would you really like to create? What do you know is truly possible? Are you allowing it to be part of your vision and target?
  2. What´s beyond even your greatest dream and imagination? What if what is possible is even greater than that? Are you willing to have a sense of it?
  3. If nothing of it is right, wrong, better or worse; What ”size” of the vision makes you curious, excited, empowered and filled with energy? Or even giddy? That´s what matches you and your very being.


I often got judged for being naive, a dreamer, or even having delusions of grandeur, because I thought everything was possible. As if expressing the possibility also meant lacking awareness of what was required for it to come into fruition. You know all those authority figures around us that made sure we knew all the difficulties and obstacles about it first as their way of ”protecting” us? Did you buy into that as well?

So what if we play with the thought that everything is possible? Somewhere. Somehow. Some time. And sometimes that is here and now. Just because others can´t see it, doesn´t mean the possibility doesn´t exist. What if we do have awareness of what is required? And what if some of what is required is a grand enough vision into the future?

What do you know?

If we all start the weeks by acknowledging what is true for us about visions and targets – how different might things be by the weekends I wonder?

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